5 Self-Care Holiday Hacks

This week, it’s easy to feel zapped and as if you’ve got nothing left to give. This is a critical sign that you need to take some time for  self-care. Here are 5 easy steps to fill up your reserves.

#1) Schedule a date with yourself. It’s time to focus on an activity or a hobby that makes you forget about external stresses. One of our staffers loves to hike the closest mountain with a close friend. Others can think of nothing better than cozying up with the latest best seller. Another easy option is checking out the latest movie in a theater.

#2) Enlist the professionals. Realize that the holidays can be extremely stressful. Perhaps it’s time to allow yourself an hour long massage. Touch can be an incredibly healing modality. If your schedule has been really hectic recently, make sure to schedule an appointment with your therapist to discuss wellness strategies moving forward and into the new year. Maybe it’s time to schedule that appointment with your doctor or dentist that you’ve been putting off. And finally, tasks and chores have a way of accumulating over the month of December. Don’t be afraid to call a cleaning service to come in a help take a hour or two off of your to-do list.

#3) Journaling: Weather you actually keep a formal journal or not, you can still participate in this suggestion. You just need a piece of paper and a pen. Start writing about your feelings about the last few weeks. Just plan on 10 minutes for this assignment. You’ll be surprised how long you actually write once you get started. Getting your thoughts out on the paper allows your mind to relax since it doesn’t have to “hold” onto everything. cember. Don’t be afraid to call a cleaning service to come in a help take a hour or two off of your to-do list.


#5) Walking:
Aim to get at least 1 hour walk in daily. Movement is essential for triggering the release of feel good hormones. Walking outside is a great way to connect with nature and reset yourself. If the weather is poor, head to the gym to get in your workout. According to Harvard University, walking can “counteract the effects of weight promoting genes.” They studied 32 obesity-promoting genes in over 12,000 people and found that those pe>ople who walked briskly for an hour a day that the effects of those genes were halved. Other studies have found that walking can help tame a sweet tooth, reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, can ease join pain and boost immune function.

#6) Connect face to face with a friend. Set up a lunch with a close friend or group of friends. It’s time to reconnect and share your experiences over the last month. You’ll be surprised how many new stories you have to share and contribute.  Meeting face to face is important because it is the most rich communication method.  Communication richness lessens accordingly: face to face, telephone, texting, emails,  and finally, social media.  Richer methods of communication are necessary for sustained wellbeing.


1. https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/5-surprising-benefits-of-walking




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