Creating Product Efficacy Through Precision Dosing and Safety Regulations

“We are the intersection of science and technology to make medical cannabis use safer for the patient, inspire confidence in the prescribing physician, and create trust in the industry as a whole”

-Ian Jenkins, Frelii CEO

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The medical cannabis industry faces several challenges. First, there aren’t any growth standards that farmers or distributors need to meet to improve product efficacy. Second, prescribing physicians do not have enough readily available information about when to recommend medical cannabis. And finally, there is no system of prescription or dosing schedule for the doctor to follow, specific to individual cannabinoids. Risks include potential patient paranoia/ psychosis, potential litigation due to psychosis, cardiac arrhythmia, lack of precise dosing and increased risk of patients driving under the influence of THC.

Our solutions
to these problems include:

  • A system of strain and growth recommendations from user data to fit majority of patient needs and cut costs.
  • Software that delivers specific strain, cannabinoid (THC, CBD, CBN, and Terpenes) and dosing recommendations to make prescribing simpler and safer.
  • Use of AI to analyze patient DNA and build specific dosing (smoking, vaping, edible, and sublingual) and prescription recommendations.
  • Use of AI to analyze the potential risk of cannabis psychosis or paranoia at the individual level.
  • Software and AI can reduce litigation by creating a prescription method and analyzing psychosis risk.

We are moving cannabis out of the wild west roots and bringing it to a scientific, known and predictable industry. Patients and consumers should be able to know that the products they are using are safe for their bodies and will help with whatever ailment they are suffering.
We are looking for partners who share this vision.