Artificial Intelligence Expands the Destiny of DNA Analysis

International Biopharmaceutical Industry

DNA is the code that has defined humanity for millennia. Until more recently, DNA has determined destiny. There was no escaping its design and code for individuals. It was the code that says how long people will live and what they will likely die from, at least in terms of propensity and predisposition towards certain conditions, from heart disease to diabetes to  colon cancer. Ian Jenkins at Frelii discusses the true epigenetic correlations that impact the destiny of DNA and how it relates to individual health and wellbeing to emerge in ways never before imagined. Keep Reading

Frélii: Transforming Healthcare with AI and DNA Data Mining


Artificial intelligence (AI) and whole genome analysis are poised to turn the world of healthcare on its head. Advances in recent years have taken the cutting-edge technologies from science to reality, and one company is now using them to dramatically improve patient outcomes and make personalized medicine the norm. Already working with doctors and hospitals to mine DNA and use AI to provide better treatments much faster, Frélii, is working on its next goal: building an integration tool for medical devices so that the information generated from a device can be analyzed and delivered to the doctor in a more streamlined fashion.  Keep Reading

PBMI Hosts Live Webinar with CEO of Frelii, Inc. on the Future of AI, Big DNA Data and Precision Dosing

LEHI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Frelii, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLI) (“Frelii” or “the Company”) today announced that Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii, will present a live webinar on “Using AI and Big DNA Data to Advance Drug Development and Delivery.” The free webinar, hosted by the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI), will take place on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Register for this highly anticipated event here.

“As artificial intelligence (AI) evolves, those in the pharmaceutical segment must become aware of the upcoming trends and the possibilities it unlocks for drug development, delivery and precision medicine,” Jenkins said. “While AI and big data are delivering answers to previously unsolved questions, they are also uncovering new discoveries, creating new strategies for treatment and opening new fields of study that, even in the early stages, are beginning to deliver benefits that will positively impact human health and wellness for generations.”

During this presentation, Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii, will discuss:

  • Why cutting-edge technology is closing the gap in precision dosing
  • How big data can reduce the cost of drug development and clinical trials
  • How AI and whole genome analysis can predict physical and psychological effects of drug interaction in an individual body
  • How physicians and pharmacists can leverage AI to move beyond murky recommendations of Medical Cannabis (where it is legal) into accurate, precise prescriptions for strain, form and dosage

Frelii Chief Executive Officer Ian Jenkins has a deep and abiding passion for artificial intelligence and how it relates to the human genome, particularly epigenetics and expression. Enabling the progress and advancement of these areas has been the focus of his professional life. Jenkins spent the early years of his career working hands-on in research labs at both medical universities and private institutions. Over the past decade, he has served as a senior executive and CEO in the biotech industry, leveraging his extensive background in physiology, technology startups, finance and product research and development.

The webinar will be hosted by PBMI, which is the nation’s leading provider of research and education that informs, advises, and influences the industry on drug cost management. It offers research, continuing education, and web resources to help all critical stakeholders work better together to optimize the overall value of drug benefit programs.

Register for this free webinar presentation at this link:

Using AI and Big DNA Data to Advance Drug Development and Delivery


Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing the capabilities and possibilities of whole genome sequencing. Through the use of this advanced technology, the pharmaceutical industry can deliver precise dosing on a scale and at a level of accuracy never before seen. AI can provide personalized predictions to determine likely physical and psychological effects of drug interaction in an individual body. While big data is increasing our access to questions, it is also creating new discoveries and new questions that have yet to be answered. One thing is for sure, AI, big data, and whole genome sequencing will impact the cost of drug development and delivery. This webcast explores these topics in depth. (View Webcast)

What Experts Have to Say About the Endocannabinoid System


Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii, a provider of DNA sequencing and genome analysis, wrote how nourishing the ECS can extend well past the two most popular cannabinoids. “Although most of the research is around THC and CBD, just about every cannabinoid can be thought of as nourishing.” Keep Reading