Corporate & Consumer Wellness

Increasing Productivity on the Personal Level

Advanced Corporate Wellness

Improve your corporate wellness initiatives by providing your employees with the tools they need to be as healthy and productive as possible. Our corporate wellness programs are designed to increase the health and productivity of your employees. Fewer sick days and more productive employees will increase your bottom line. Healthy employees are happy employees.

The Individualized
Programs include:

Our wellness programs are designed to get optimized results by using DNA testing and lifestyle analysis to determine programs that will work best for each individual. The individualized programs include:

Genetic Health
Health & Lifestyle

Mobile/TeleHealth Services

The convenience of mobile health platforms is shaping the future of medicine. At Frélii, we are setting a new standard for care to make decisions easier for doctors, and making it easier for patients to be treated in a timely matter. Our team of physicians are easily accessed through our mobile system. Schedule appointments, have video calls and even get prescriptions filled directly through our HIPAA compliant software.

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DNA Testing

We do full genome sequencing (about 60,000,000 data points) and use our AI to analyze and give you and your employees the most accurate results on the market. Full genome sequencing allows us to analyze each individual on a deeper level and deliver recommendations that are specifically relevant to their needs.

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Genetic Health Reports

Our genetic reports are built around significant subjects including 6 health categories, 12 nutritional categories and 10 fitness categories. Within these reports you can find how relevant each category is to your body, if it’s an area of concern as well as what you can do to improve in that area. Categories include Vitamin D, Gluten Intolerance, Sleep Health, Muscle Power, ect.

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Personalized Fitness

Daily personalized workouts have never been easier with our HIIT videos. We have hundreds of 30 second exercises built into our system. The AI selects exercises based on the individuals needs and compiles them into a personalized workout. Workouts usually last between 8-15 minutes depending on the person. Each user can choose between 3 trainers and 3 exercise levels.

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Nutritional Products

To feel your best you need to eat and supplement for the needs of your body. We recommend clinical grade nutritional products based on personal needs. Getting the proper vitamins and nutrients is essential to increased productivity and greater overall health.

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Meal Planning

Our system includes thousands of healthy recipes. The recipes are then matched to the user based on genetic need. New recipes are populated into the person’s weekly menu. Users can even order and have healthy groceries delivered to their door direct through our site.

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Health & Lifestyle Recommendations

Everything you eat and do effects how you feel. Our system was designed to help you stay on track through the most convenient means possible. Our recommendations include everything from changing small habits to quick workouts to taking the right supplements. Feeling great starts with knowing what your body needs.

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