Building value as the leader in digital and personalized health solutions

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Three Reasons to Invest


AI is Creating New Possibilities in Medicine.

Frélii is on the cutting edge of an industry shift to deliver more preventative and precise methods of treating patients. Predictive analysis takes away the guess work of traditional medicine which will increase patient outcomes while simultaneously cutting direct costs.

The demand for out-of-pocket health products is growing.

Our Business Model is Built for Mass Scale.

Frélii’s extremely powerful AI system has been developed over several years and has the ability to analyze outcomes at speed and accuracy levels never before seen. This allows us to integrate with applications, partners and customers that can potentially change the landscape of healthcare and wellness.

Our business model is built for mass scale.

Fueling the Genetic Health Revolution.

Frélii is fueling a new phase in bioscience. Its unique technology platform, which is fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling significant advancements in multibillion-dollar industries including: predictive diagnostics, healthcare, pharmacology, telehealth, medical cannabis, insurance and personal health and wellness.

Be a part of the genetic health revolution.

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