Precision Medicine

Using Precision Findings to Treat Patients based on the Root Cause instead of the Symptom

Setting the Standard

Frelii is leading the industry shift to precision medicine and is helping doctors make better decisions by giving them access to genetic information from each patient. Our proprietary software is creating new dosing and safety standards through AI and Genetic analysis to meet the direct needs of an individual.

No More Guess Work

One area of drastic improvement we are seeing is in Psychotropic drugs. Without precise dosing certain medications may be under or over prescribed for each individual. Some of these drugs have multiple interactions with various pathways that work with an individual’s psychology. By analyzing each individual and determining a drugs positive or negative effects on the patient, we can eliminate the wasted time and money that comes from the old trial and error process. The future of healthcare provides dietary, prescription, and dosing needs for each individual patient using genetic analysis and AI to take the guesswork away.

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